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Pros and cons of CBD oil for anxiety and depression

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of CBD oils? Can CBD oil be used on anxiety and depression patients and individuals? How effective is CBD oil to such individuals? This article explains some of the advantages and disadvantages of CBD oil for anxiety and Depression.

Cannabidiol is a cannabis plant compound. There are hundreds of compounds found in the cannabis plant, but the common one is CBD and THC. Both have many benefits, but this article will major on the CBD. CBD was legally permitted around 2018 after the researchers had conducted several surveys on animals and linked them to human beings discovering that CBD is a very beneficial compound. Accurately, since that backs up, CBD oil claims are good for patients suffering from depression and anxiety are yet to be known. However, patients with the underlying conditions have testified to experiencing great chance and recovery after its consumption. This article gives you a breakdown of CBD oil, venturing into its pros and cons to enable you to get the full information.

What is CBD oil

According to Grof (2018), CBD Is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. CBD is extracted and later on processed to come up with the oil itself. There are two major species of cannabis plant they are hemp and marijuana. CBD is available in high quantities in the hemp plant, whereas THC is majorly available in the marijuana plant. THC is tetrahydrocannabinol responsible for giving its consumers a euphoric effect. High levels of CBD consumption do not lead to such euphoric effects. Hemp contains a mere 0.3 % THC, making it safe and free from offering a high feeling to its consumer.

Using CBD to Minimize Anxiety

Well-being and good moods are linked with a hormone known as serotonin. Serotonin primarily causes complications to do with anxiety. Absorption of Brain serotonin is impeded, causing a rise in the amounts of serotonin. Research is yet to indicate the mechanism used by the broad-spectrum CBD to deal with anxiety, but many factors are involved. It is believed that serotonin works with the cannabinoid receptors located in the brain to display like effects. Gellner et al. (2021) explained that CBD relates to the human body and changes serotonin signals, enabling patients to get larger amounts of serotonin than normal amounts. Also, an individual can use CBD oil to remedy various conditions related to anxiety, such as post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety itself. CBD oil is also linked with reduced anxiety symptoms such as insomnia associated with anxiety, not forgetting rapid heartbeat.

Use of CBD oil to Deal with Depression

Depression is a destructive condition associated with people being gloomy and uninterested. On the other hand, anxiety is associated with pain in the chest and excessive concerns of a panic attack. The good thing is that CBD can be diagnosed in several ways. Selective serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors are applied broadly though they cause negative side effects. It makes many people go for alternative safer, and natural ways to deal with depression or anxiety. The most recent options for diagnosis are CBD, which is gaining popularity day and night. Zenone et al. (2021) explained that CBD for the treatment of Depression is very new; one should consult a medical practitioner before trying.

Advantages of Using CBD for treatment of anxiety and Depression.

People use CBD oil for several reasons in their journey of treating both anxiety and Depression. Some of the reasons are;

CBD is Easy to Use

According to Leszko & Meenrajan (2021), people taking CBD do not require instructions from doctors on how to use CBD oil. However, make it a must to let the doctor know so that they can give you adequate advice on the dosage and other factors to consider, especially if you are under certain medication already. Any amount that fits your cravings and gives the expected effects is okay for you. A patient suffering from Depression may choose to go for it because it’s easy to use.

Organic CBD is Free from pesticides

Cannabis plants are sprayed with pesticides periodically by farmers. It’s good to avoid taking products that are growing using artificial chemicals. It is because the chemicals may stick through up to the final product. The safest CBD is extracted from the organically farmed hemp plant.

CBD oil is tested and approved for the treatment of both Anxiety and Depression

According to VanDolah et al. (2019), CBD works to combat both anxiety and depression in most people. Cannabidiol is used to treat social anxiety, restlessness, and disorders that come up as a result of Depression and anxiety.

Users can feel no Euphoric Effects.

During extraction, THC is extracted. Euphoric effects are linked with THC and not CBD; thus, there are no strange disorientation and dizziness. Additionally, CBD does not cause increased levels of appetite or cause starvation.

Ease to Swallow

A few people find it hard to consume CBD gels; CBD capsules are a perfect solution. CBD oils have neither a smell nor flavor; this will make you hardly feel the drops going down. You only feel the effects.

CBD oils Have a Higher Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the ability of any supplement to break down and get absorbed in the body. When it comes to CBD, its bioavailability relies on the CBD product and how it is consumed. Since CBD oils are placed under the tongues instead of being consumed orally, the CBD gets into the bloodstream directly via the sublingual glands. Therefore, CBD in oil form will be absorbed faster than swallowing the capsules.

A Flexible Dosage

Tzortzi et al. (2020) explained that CBD oils are usually packaged in small medicine bottles that have eye droppers at the top. It means that its dosage is quite flexible compared to that of the capsules, depending on the consumer’s needs or how one is feeling. You can choose between limiting the drops or adding them, depending on the effect you want to experience.

An Individual can Add Oils to Foods or Drinks

Due to their reasonable eye dropper presentation, CBD oils can be added to one’s favorite food or drink. It is all up to you if you want to mix it with the cereals you are taking for breakfast or fries during lunchtime. CBD oils give a wide range of edibility now that you can have some drops in a meal of your choice.

CBD oils Are More Convenient for pests

CBD oils are believed to cure many conditions in different pets. Some pests require tranquilizers to handle them. Therefore, it is easy to add a few drops to the pet’s food or drink, and the pet becomes calm. It is because CBD causes drowsiness.

Cons Of CBD Oil

Limited Availability

CBD is not available broadly because it is new for treating Depression and other medical disorders. Full-Spectrum CBD is found in countries that don’t permit medical marijuana.


CBD oil is just an amazing plant extract and with intensified research am sure the extract will become a very precious commodity. From the article above, it’s notable that the advantages outway the disadvantages of using CBD oil for the treatment of Depression and anxiety. Individuals with such conditions should embrace the consumption of CBD oil.


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