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Editorial Complaints Policy

Effective date: 29-7-2023

High5 CBD is committed to maintaining the highest standards of journalistic integrity and ethical practices. We strive to provide accurate, reliable, and unbiased information to our readers. However, we recognize that concerns or complaints about our editorial content may arise. This Editorial Complaints Policy outlines our process for handling such complaints.


This policy applies to complaints regarding the editorial content published on High5 CBD, including articles, guides, reviews, and other written materials.

Submission of Complaints:

a. Complaints must be submitted in writing via email or postal mail. Anonymous complaints will not be considered.

b. Complaints should clearly state the specific article or content in question, providing details about the concern and the nature of the alleged inaccuracy or violation of ethical standards.

c. Contact details of the complainant, including name, email address, and phone number, must be provided to facilitate communication regarding the complaint.

Review and Assessment:

a. Upon receipt of a complaint, our editorial team will conduct a thorough review and assessment of the concerns raised.

b. The complaint will be reviewed objectively and independently, without bias or prejudice.

c. Our editorial team may seek additional information or clarification from the complainant or relevant parties involved in the creation or publication of the content.

Response and Resolution:

a. We aim to acknowledge the receipt of the complaint within [insert timeframe] and provide an initial response outlining our process for handling the complaint.

b. Our editorial team will thoroughly investigate the complaint and take appropriate action based on the findings.

c. If the complaint is found to be valid, we will consider the appropriate corrective action, which may include issuing a correction, clarification, or update to the content. We will strive to rectify any inaccuracies or ethical breaches promptly and transparently.

d. If the complaint is found to be unsubstantiated or without merit, we will provide a clear and concise explanation to the complainant.

e. High5 CBD is committed to resolving complaints within a reasonable timeframe, but the complexity of the investigation and nature of the complaint may affect the length of the process.


a. If the complainant is dissatisfied with the resolution provided, they may request a formal appeal by submitting additional evidence or arguments supporting their case.

b. Appeals will be reviewed by a designated senior member of our editorial team who was not involved in the initial assessment. The decision made by the senior member will be final.


a. Throughout the complaint handling process, we will maintain open and transparent communication with the complainant, providing updates on the progress of the investigation and the resolution.

b. We will ensure that all correspondence related to the complaint is handled with sensitivity, professionalism, and confidentiality.

Record Keeping:

a. We will maintain records of all complaints received, including details of the complaint, actions taken, and resolutions provided.

Review and Update:

a. This Editorial Complaints Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness. Any necessary updates will be made and communicated accordingly.

Contact Us:

If you have a complaint regarding the editorial content on High5 CBD or need further information about our Editorial Complaints Policy, please contact us at +1 55 202 5255.

High5 CBD โ€“ Committed to maintaining transparency, accuracy, and ethical standards in our editorial content.