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“CBD doesn’t heal your body… It opens up the bodies receptors so THE BODY can heal itself”

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Did You Know CTFO Offers The Highest Quality CBD Hemp Oil Products!

CTFO is one of the newest and fastest growing hemp oil product companies in the industry for many reasons!  

With over 80+ products you can be sure we have something for just about everyone, even pets can benefit!! We are especially excited to share our patented, supercharged 10XPure Full Spectrum CBD Oil. With better absorption, 3rd party lab tested and GMP Certified. This is an Industry First!

Our CTFO CBD products are 100% U.S grown and of the highest and purest grade. Our products are Pesticide Free, Certified Organic, Non-GMO, and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified. We offer 3rd party lab testing and reports can be found on the company website for all to see. You know what you are getting when you order products from CTFO!

Your One Stop Shop For The Best CBD Money Can Buy!

What Can CTFO CBD Oil Do For You?

One thing our CBD Oil Does Not Do is get you High!

Isolate & Full Spectrum drops have their own unique beneficial components and it is up to the consumer to decide which product is right for them. Isolated CBD has 0% THC and our Full Spectrum has less than .02% THC. CBD oil is what you get when you take cannabinoids from cannabis and mix them with a carrier oil like MCT, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, ect. We like to keep our oils pure and simple, no unnecessary added fillers.

What CTFO CBD Can do for you…

CBD acts as a therapeutic agent in your endocannabinoid system, constantly working to get your body into a place of homeostasis, or balance. As a naturally occurring molecule in your body to begin with, the consumption of CBD provides additional regulatory molecules to help your body’s physiological systems operate more efficiently.

Our CTFO CBD has been shown to reduce vomiting & upset stomach; suppress muscle spasms; and reduce seizures & convulsions. It also has been shown to:

• promote relaxation and overall health,
• promote or maintain normal or stable mood,
• reduce cravings,
• aid in digestion; and
• supports optimal immune function and the regeneration of healthy cells

In many reports, people have said they stopped using traditional pills in favor of CBD.

To know what MG is right for you, here is our rule of thumb…

➢ The 300 mg drops are for maintaining optimal health. ($49.97)
➢ The 500 mg drops are for a slightly higher-level CBD oil to stimulate optimal health. ($59.97)
➢ The 750 mg drops are for an even a higher-level of CBD oil to maintain healthy immune function. ($69.97)
➢ The 1500 mg drops are the highest level of CBD oil to support the body’s antiviral and natural healing capabilities. ($99.97)

➢ The 10XPure Super Gold 1000 drops are for Extra Strength Relief and is our Best Seller! ($119.97)

➢ The 10XPure 500 mg drops better absorption than standard CBD oil – thus faster relief and bottle generally lasts longer. ($99.97)

➢ The 10XPure 1500 mg drops better absorption than standard CBD oil – thus faster relief and bottle generally lasts longer. ($159.97)

I’m sure you know CBD is everywhere now! You can’t ignore the fact it’s popping up everywhere. There are a lot of scams and bad products claiming they have CBD when they are found to have little or none at all. The FDA is cracking down on everyone selling CBD products. I guess you can’t blame them. They do not allow CBD companies to make any claims that CBD can cure anything! We are not able to name ANY diseases due to this. To be safe … we ask that you do a Google search on your symptoms and then come back to us and buy the best CBD Oil on the market. For Example… “Does CBD Oil Help With _____”  And always ask your doctor if you are unsure.



Save more with CTFO Business Builders Packages. Currently 18 to chose from to fit your budget. Fantastic for retailers, network marketers, or give out as gifts for the holidays.


And CTFO Delivers The First Ever CBD of It’s Kind. Learn more about “CBDA”

“There are a lot of products that promote Extra Strength Relief that just don’t work, and the side effects can’t be good for you. At CTFO, we have formulated, tested and launched what we call “Natures Miracle”. 10xPURE™ GOLD SUPER 1000mg is specially formulated for EXTRA STRENGTH RELIEF. CTFO delivers the future of CBD botanical science… today. Our patented 10xPURE™ oil process is enriched with CBDa and includes a proprietary blend of full spectrum cannabinoids.

CBDa has been shown in studies to be far more effective than CBD for EXTRA STRENGTH RELIEF!

10xPURE-GOLD Super 1000 contains a minimum of 6 mg of CBDa per serving, over 10 times more than what might be found in most CBD products on the market.” Let that sink in!

10XPure Gold Super 1000 Tincture

CBDa has been found to have more anti-inflammatory properties than CBD as it is a potent inhibitor of the COX-2 enzyme which blocks pain.

10XPure 1500 mg Full Spectrum Tincture

It’s Here… and It’s Awesome 10x Pure 1500mg CBD Oil!

Patented and Exclusive To CTFO! This Supercharged Full Spectrum 10X Pure CBD oil is hydrophilic, making it easily absorbed into the body. It provides accelerated, increased absorption and potency and acts as an anti-bacterial and prebiotic. But there is a lot more to it than this! And it is of no exaggeration to make the claim, that the CTFO 10XPure Product Line is the best money can buy!


QR Code on CTFO BottleEvery product from CTFO has a QR Code on the label! Scan the QR Code with an app on your phone, you can also bring up the lab analysis report right away. Another option is to go to the website www.verifyhemp.com and enter the LOT number from bottom of bottle to see the Independent 3rd Party Lab Results. We have nothing to hide… and we encourage you to check it out!

What you need to know about CBD…

Discover CTFO CBD Hemp oil. See how the receptors CB1 and CB2 work any why CTFO CBD is the one to take and trust! The 60 Day Empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee assures you that you have nothing to risk… and everything to gain!60 Day Guarantee


Our CTFO CBD Oil Products Are Changing The Future Outcome!

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